Advisory Services

In addition to the Plumb Funds, the advisor Wisconsin Capital Management provides a broad range of

financial services for individuals and institutions.



If you are an independent contractor that is not currently in a retirement plan, we are able to help you. We can open a Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP) for people of all walks of life, such as consultants and small business owners. Also, if you have recently switched jobs, and would like consulting on how to properly move your 401(K), we can provide guidance on the next steps to ensure your investments are suitable and beneficiaries are properly documented.


For your investable assets, a portfolio manager at Wisconsin Capital Management can purchase individual common stocks and bonds to help you meet your specific goals and objectives. There are three primary advantages to having an individually managed portfolio. First, the portfolio holdings are transparent. This allows the you to better understand and assess the risk level of the account and also to maintain a long-term investment discipline during volatile market conditions. Second, an individually managed portfolio can be more sensitive to capital gains and income tax considerations than a mutual fund or Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Finally, the management fee of an individual portfolio is generally lower than the expense ratio of a mutual fund or ETF.

Our Portfolio Managers work together as a team to find attractive investment opportunities across a broad range of industries and market capitalizations. A diversified, tax and cost efficient portfolio can help you become a successful long-term investor.

Stocks and bonds can be quite volatile. A custom portfolio could help you modify the volatility of these markets and increase the likelihood that your investments help you reach your personal goals.

Our client service and investment professionals work closely with you to administer your portfolio and complement our investment management service.

Since its founding in 1984, Wisconsin Capital Management has offered separately managed accounts.

We offer personalized strategies for wealth management, investment, institutional asset management and assisting with trust and estate planning.


Personalized customer service is core to all we do.

We believe that quality service is a key to maintaining long-term relationships with you. We work closely with you to assist in defining your investment goals and objectives and then to determine the optimal asset allocation between common stocks and bonds to meet those goals.

Our portfolio managers implement your specific investment plan.

Of course, we will meet with you regularly to review the investments and to update any changes in your goals and objectives or life circumstances.

Q & A

Q: Why do I need an investment advisor?

A: Wisconsin Capital Management will customize, prioritize and design a roadmap to your financial goals.

Q: What is a financial goal?

A: Each goal is unique to individuals but they can be diversified from retirement plans,children’s education or saving for a future home. After all, any goal without a plan is just a dream.

Q: What is the advantage Wisconsin Capital Management offers?

A: We specialize in analyzing individual stocks and bonds as the basis of your portfolio.

Q: What if I am just starting to invest in my future?

A: Wisconsin Capital Management is vertically integrated to help both the large and small investor.


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Wisconsin Capital Management’s investment services can be accessed through a fee-only investment advisory agreement or may be offered through our proprietary mutual funds’ prospectus.

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