Wisconsin Capital Management, Advisor to Plumb Funds

Wisconsin Capital Management, LLC (WisCap) is the adviser to the Plumb Balanced Fund and the Plumb Equity Fund, which it has managed since their inception May 24, 2007.

Founded in 1984, WisCap is a full-service registered investment advisory firm based in Madison, Wisconsin. The firm has a rich history of providing investment services to institutions and high net worth accounts throughout the Midwest and around the country.



Offering Separately Managed Accounts

Our separate account strategies encompass equity, fixed-income and balanced portfolios. We offer personalized wealth management strategies, complemented with individual and company retirement plans as well as trust and estate planning services. Personal service is a hallmark of our firm. We believe that quality is key to maintaining long-term relationships, working closely with our clients to assist in defining their investment goals and objectives.

Wisconsin Capital Management portfolios are designed to help provide an optimal asset allocation between common stocks and bonds to meet client-specific objectives. Our portfolio managers implement the agreed upon investment plans. On a regular basis, we meet with our clients to review the investments and to update any changes in our clients’ goals and objectives.




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